I came across the Secret Furry Hole label from Italy a few months ago, when they put out this very nice post-shoegaze/ambient/drone mini CD-R by ex-Slowdive drummer Simon Scott. They had previously released similarly limited 3″ discs from “modern classical” luminaries Hauschka and Peter Broderick.

Simon Scott has been involved in a lot of projects lately, including co-writing tracks for The Sight Below’s latest album “It All Falls Apart“, and he’s also one half of Seavault with Antony Ryan from ISAN (have a listen to their “Cornfields” track). Later in 2010, he has a 33 minute composition called “Silenne” coming out on Belgium sleep label Slaapwel, and a 7″ recorded with Nils Frahm on Sonic Pieces in September.

This release from Simon Scott is called Nivalis, it comes in an interesting foldout sleeve (which took me a while to figure out how to open), and the CD runs as one 16-minute track. Have a listen to an excerpt below (this is the second section of the track). This is available now from SFH.

And today SFH have released something quite different. The promo from the label describes this as “a manic dandy banging on a broken piano, crossing synthetic beats with walls of gaze-pop electro”, and like “xiu xiu meeting tiga in a 50’s strip club”.

Wolther Goes Stranger is the solo project for Luca Mazzieri, from northern Italy, and he’s a former member of a post-rock band.

Have a listen below, this five-track EP is out now from the label and limited to 50 copies.