Londoners The Leaf Library have been around since 2006, when they released the now almost untraceable EP1 on Hi-Beat Records.

The first time I came across The Leaf Library was two years ago after hearing the ISAN remix of their “Losing Places” single on Rob Da Bank’s show on BBC Radio 1. Five months later it was released on a nice 10″ by Dutch label The Hooter Listens and it turned out that original version was just as nice. Melancholic and melodic, the first half gives way after about three minutes to a great instrumental Stereolab or even krautrock style workout for the remainder of the seven minute track.

This year, they’ve released a two-track digital single “Activity / Carousel” on French label BEKO (scroll across to #42), and they’ve completed their debut album “Different Activites, Similar Diversions”. Unfortunately it’s still unsigned but will hopefully be released sometime this year, and very generously they have the whole album streaming now from their Soundcloud page. Have a listen.

For now, back to “Losing Places”:
Losing Places by The Leaf Library